Heli-transport of the last BR-1150 Atlantic

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On October 18, 2018, a BR-1150 Atlantic aircraft of the Italian Air Force’s 41st Fighter Wing was transported, from Pratica di Mare to Bracciano lake, and was added to the collection of the Historical Museum of the Italian Air Force.

 "The Atlantic enters right into the ranks of the prestigious aircraft of the Historical Museum of the Air Force" - said General Moscini - "The operational activity carried out by the aircraft in the Antisom field has been increased: over 45 years of service totaling more than 260 thousand flight hours. The Submarine Hunter has represented a perfect combination of operation and effectiveness, making it the first inter-force weapon system; an absolutely reliable aircraft with incredible operational capabilities for which it fits right into the Museum's collection".

The transport was requested by the Military Aries, and performed in flight, with one of the Erickson S-64 of the National Fire Brigade, operated by European Aircrane.

The helicopter, normally used for fire-fighting and emergency response activities, thanks to special rigging, (long line and hook), lifted the Atlantic's fuselage weighing 9 tons and 31 meters long, from the runway for the military airport of Pratica di Mare, where it landed last on the 22nd of November 2017, after it’s last flying activity, and transported it to the Historical Museum of the Italian Air Force, along a route of about 10 Km. The S64 flew to the museum though an authorized corridor previously agreed upon with the civil air traffic authorities, prefectures and local authorities involved. The operation lasted for about forty minutes without taking into account the tests and simulations of performed on the previous days.

Atlantic transport with S-64