A European Aerial Services Company

European Air Crane S.p.A., a team of industry professionals operating in the field of aerial transport heavy lift services, has been active in Europe since 1999;

As partner of the parent Erickson Inc. (Oregon), European Air Crane is the only EASA certified and authorized operator for use of the Erickson S-64 helicopter in Europe.

Over the past years, the initial program has proved highly effective, particularly in forest fire-fighting and disaster relief and has demonstrated that this helicopter, as heavy lifter, is the most precise and effective aircraft not only in flight, but also for intricate operations of complex nature in extreme geographical territories.

Its immediate readiness, cost effectiveness and rapid rotation capability, along with endurance and range, make it the most outstanding flying asset available today; capable of transporting heavy loads up to 11 tons, make it a fundamental "instrument" for enterprises, installing large antennas, ski-lifts, air conditioning systems on rooftops, transporting wind blades, installing power line tower structures, drills and flair tips for oil and gas sector.

Most importantly Erickson’s S-64 has proven to be the most effective aerial firefighting weapon in the wild land urban interface, saving countless homes and businesses from wildfires worldwide

The Heli-tanker can deliver 10.000 liters of water and refill in approximately 40 seconds from fresh or saltwater.



Our Mission is to operate in safely in the fields of firefighting and aerial work with medium and heavy helicopters, to protect the territory and its inhabitants while contributing to technological development.Team work is at the base of our approach, where our customers become key partners for the success of the operations and where each person has a very specific role for the execution of complex operations in a limited time frame and with competitive costs compared to alternative solutions.


Participate in the evolution of the concept of aerial work and fire prevention offering tailor-made solutions for our customers.


Politica della Qualità

Erickson S-64


The Erickson S-64 is unsurpassed in performance of Firefighting, Hydroseeding, Timber Harvesting, Powerline Construction and Emergency Response missions. Since certification in 1992, the Erickson S-64 has seen worldwide service: United States, Canada, Mexico, Borneo, Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, and Australia.